It’s crunch time!

I haven’t written in any detail about this before today as it’s such a big issue in our lives right now. But lately I have felt ready to put it out there, so here goes…

Whilst on tour in Afghanistan my husband sustained an injury to his spine that has basically left him in constant pain and his career on the line! This weekend will bring us a step closer to the end of an almost two year wait for him to finally receive the correct treatment and discover what our fete will be.

Since he was brought home with the injury he has seen many doctors, several physios, an osteopath, a surgeon and a lunatic that thought he could fix him with a couple of massages! Not one of them has been able to do anything to ease his pain or give him any kind of prognosis, the lunatic only did more damage. He has spent almost two years unable to do any real work or exercise, missing regimental exercises and tours, or even play with his children properly. He cannot lift the little ones and he would love to be able to take a ball to the park and have a kick about with DinoBoy, but he just can’t do it. He struggles to even walk around a supermarket – although I suspect that one may be more pshycological! 😉

On Sunday he flies to the UK to a military hospital, after spending months fighting for a refferal to someone who can give him some answers. He will spend three days there being poked, prodded and scanned and hopefully be given some kind of prognosis at long last.

If he is nervous he isn’t showing it- just as he doesn’t show how much pain he is in. He is full of questions and plans on getting some answers about his future, as up to now the buck has been well and truly passed. His beloved career could be over at the age of 32. To anyone that knows him knows that would be devastating for him, this man bleeds green…or rather a more sandy colour after recent uniform changes, but you get the picture.

I couldn’t be more nervous and only wish I could go with him. This has had and continues to have such a huge impact on our lives, everything we have done for the last two years has revolved around his back and whether he will be ok to have a day out, a holiday, go shopping- everything!

Whether he can continue his career in the army or not is monumental in our lives for so many reasons and that we have no control over it is the scariest part.


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