Autumn Manifesto

I usually make a few lists about things I want to do/achieve and have a bit of a clear out with the coming of a new season, almost like making resolutions. Today I was inspired by a post by a blogger I follow to do something more organised and make an Autumn manifesto. So, here goes;


“Autumn clean” room by room, clear out the junk! Sort into sell, donate and throw away

Walk in the woods daily with dog and minnies

Bake every week

Get the bread maker out and start using it again

Try new autunm/winter dishes- once a week

Shutters down at dusk to keep the heat in and get organised for bedtime

Buy new vests for the minnies

Sort/try on winter clothes, coats, snow suits and boots etc and buy new where necessary

Continue to sort Christmas gifts for minnies

Decide on and make this years Christmas gifts for Grandparents

Do one autumn/winter themed craft every other week with the minnies

Get the throws out for the living room sofas

Use the slow cooker at least once a week

Clear out the balcony pots and plant winter flowering bulbs

Make a start on Christmas Eve basket

Do not fall into comfort eating and continue to cook healthy meals with lots of fruit & veg

Make time to write

Pop over to Mum in the mad house to see where my inspiration came from…


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