Back to school!

So today facebook is teaming with pictures of little people in school uniforms, whether just starting or moving up a year, and statuses along the lines of “Really going to miss my little one” and “Don’t want little one going back to school yet”, you get the jist.

Am  I the odd one out?

Me…I spent last week counting down to today when DinoBoy would go back to school and not be climbing the walls through boredom at home. I couldn’t wait to get some kind of routine going again after the long, realxing summer (not that I’m complaining, we had a lovely summer). I didn’t feel the need to take pictures of him in his uniform for facebook to see. He couldn’t wait to get on the school bus and see friends that he didn’t get to see over the holidays. There were no tears when we saw him off this morning, just happy smiles and lots of waving. I don’t spend the day missing him, I know he loves school and is having a fantastic time with his friends.

Tinks and Zoom have all their groups starting back up and are excited to see their friends again and make new ones.

We are all more than ready to get back into routine. This is a truly happy time for our house!


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