Meal Planning changed my life!:)

Now, while I love the idea of being super organised and having everything planned down to the last minute detail, I can’t begin to pretend that I am anywhere near that!

I do everything I can to organise the children and home for my own sanity more than anything, but it is far from perfect and I confess to at least one day a week when everything goes to pot and I adopt a “maybe I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude.

Meal planning however is the one thing I stick to- I’d be a mess without it, quite literally. None of us would ever eat a decent meal if I didn’t plan ahead. I used to coast from day to day deciding that morning (if I remembered) and often forgetting to take frozen food out to defrost, thus ending up with take away more than once a week!

Not so bad when it was just the two of us, but once the minnies came along I had to get organised. I had heard fellow Mums talking about meal planning so I decided to give it a go. And I can honestly say it changed our way of eating and my way of cooking.

I plan from Monday to Sunday and try to vary the meals as much as possible. On days I know will be busy I plan something simple and I always try to cook from scratch. I also try to cook one new meal each week.

I plan and write my list on Friday so we can shop Saturday. I find that writing the list alongside the plan helps me to make sure I get all the ingredients on the list. I use this product by Organised Mum :-

Now I know what we’ll eat each day, I never forget to take meat out of the freezer to deforost the night before and we all eat (mostly) healthy home cooked meals.


2 thoughts on “Meal Planning changed my life!:)

  1. I absolutely agree, and my slow cooker is my saviour at the moment, it frees up so much time to let me get on with the other million and one jobs at home and spend more time with the kids 🙂


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