Outdoor play

I am a big fan of getting out and dirty on a daily basis, esp during the school holidays and since we don’t have a garden with this posting we spend alot of time in the woods nearby.  I love to see the minnies coming in looking dirty and scruffy because you just know they have had a fantastic time.
I recently discovered the National Trust have put together a list of 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4. The list can be found here…https://www.50things.org.uk/ There is a chart to tick off what you have done and badges to earn. All my minnes are enjoying working through the list. DinoBoy is loving it, he is fascinated by all things natural so this is perfect for him and he is at a great age for most of the activites too.

Taking my inspiration from the list for today’s outdoor activity, we went blackberry picking in the woods, then came home and made muffins . The minnies had a fantastic time and really enjoyed searching for the fruit among the bushes- aswell as climbing a few trees, a detour to the duck pond and using sticks as swords to slay imaginary dragons.

If you have a patch of woodland near you I strongly recommend making use of it, the woods really can be a magical place and really get the imagination working!


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