Go to your happy place.

“Me time” is something I have only recently discovered the value of. For a long time I was that frazzled, exhausted, stressed out Mum thinking of anyone but herself. But then I read “You sexy Mother” by Jody Hedley-Ward and decided I owed it to myself and my family to sort it out. I deserve and am entitiled to a bit of time to myself. It wasn’t so easy to begin with, I had to force myself to make that cup of tea and sneak out onto the balcony by myself and I spent the entire time thinking about what still needed doing, how dinner wasn’t prepared yet, how the minnies needed entertaining. I would rush back into action after 10 minutes to find they hadn’t even missed me, let alone fallen apart!

Slowly I began to value and enjoy that time. I became less stressed and much more patient and realised that me time is the thing that allows me to collect my thoughts, pull myself together and get on with the day.

It seems such a simple thing, but so few of us do it and time to yourself is invaluable. Sometimes for me it’s my morning cuppa on the balcony. I often have to sneak out quietly after (I confess) using the TV as a distraction. Sometimes I will write my to do list for the day, but often I just sit and watch the world begin it’s day. I find these few minutes can put a whole new perspective on the day. Especially if one of the minnies has had a bad night or particularly early start.

My other indulgence in me time is an evening walk with the dog after hubs gets home. During the week we rarely get chance to eat as a family, so the minnies eat early and by the time hubs gets in it’s usually bathtime.That’s when he gets quality time with them before bed and I get to escape for a hour or so. We’re belssed to be surrounded by beautiful woodland and I spend my time wandering and enjoying the scenery, often thinking of nothing at all, but mostly dreaming about how Donnie Wahlberg is (never) going to come and whisk me away from it all. Just knowing that for that time I have nothing but myself to think about is heaven!

The best advice I can give any Mum? Take time out for yourself today and make sure you do it everyday. Even if’s it’s just 10 minutes, it makes a world of difference to your frame of mind.


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