Home is where the heart is…

Sadness driving through Girona and seeing the devastation caused by the fires quickly turned to boredom and frustration while sitting in traffic for more than 5 hours just outside Montpellier (and I still didn’t get to see any of the Montpellier I know). Add to that various bouts of travel sickness, three tired children, several tantrums (from adults and children), dirty roadside services and many arrogant French drivers and you pretty much get the journey from hell! We are finally “home” and anything that needs doing can well and truly wait until tomorrow.

On a positive note…we had the most fabulous three weeks in the country we love most and viewed several very exciting properties. We spent time with good friends and the minnies had a fantastic time catching up with their friends too.

If there was ever any doubt about Spain being where we want to be then this trip wiped it away. We are more certain than ever that Spain is home for us, it just feels more and more like it each time we go back and leaving gets harder and harder to do.

The plan is now to return in December with the hope that some of the properties we are interested in are still on the market- which is highly likely in the current Spanish property climate and also view a few more.

Our dream is getting closer and closer to coming true and it’s so exciting!


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