The joys of army life.

A huge part of forces life is the constant moving around and having to start all over again. Along with this comes many new friendships and new beginnings, but this inevitably also means many more goodbyes.

In forces life friendships are forged hard and fast. They are strong and dependant- we have little choice in the matter, with husbands and wives away so often we have nobody but eachother to rely on. These friendships rarely last beyond a posting, but if our paths should cross again we have a fantastic ability to pick up right where we left off.

So when the time comes to move on it is often with the bitter sweetness of excitement at the new adventures ahead and saddness at leaving behind good friends and happy memories.

With this in mind, this week has been an emotional one for us as we said our farewells to very good friends. A family that have been with us for most of this posting, our children have grown together over the last three years and forged strong bonds of their own. Us wives saw eachother through a hellish tour of Aghanistan, knowing our husband’s were watching eachother’s backs out there while we took care of eachother at home. Our sons started school together, a memory to last them a lifetime. And our daughters were born within days of eachother. Seeing your three year old daughter say goodbye to her very first real friend is a hell of an emotional rollercoaster, I can tell you.

A tearful day was had by all yesterday as we waved them off to pastures new with wishes of luck and happiness in their next posting. It is hard!But of course, we have to “suck it up” and get on with things. Life for us carries on as normal and for them it will be new home, new school and new friendships.

This life is not an easy one for sure, but we are made of tough stuff and we learn to live with it.


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