Spainsh Dream

We are currently in the process of house hunting in Spain. It’s the place we have always dreamed of living and we are finally getting closer to making the dream a reality. Living in this flat is driving us all insane. No real open space for the children and the place just isn’t big enough for all of us. Nobody really gets their own space. But, for the time being we have no choice as home is where the army sends us.

Don’t get me wrong, the flat is lovely, just not big enough to accommodate a family of five! And, much as I would dearly love to have a garden, on days like this I really appreciate my balcony. It’s shady and cool for the minnies to play on a hot day like this- if a little small. And I know that this evening once they are in bed, we will be able to sit out here and enjoy a cold drink while we watch the sunset and feel the last of it’s rays for the day.

A garden is definitely on my must have list for our Spanish dream, however I think I would really love to have a balcony or roof terrace or similar too. Somewhere we can go in the evening and have a meal and a jug of sangria once the minnies are asleep.

Each time we go to Spain we fall in love that little bit more with the country, the people, the way of life and it gets harder and harder to leave, knowing that this is the place we want to be.

In just over a week we will be there again and I have no doubt it will be the same scenario. Life for us over there is so much more enjoyable. Germany has been good to us since we were posted here and our life is much better here than in the UK. It is undoubtedly a better place to bring up children for starters and we are financially better off too. If it weren’t for this posting I doubt we would be in a position to be looking in Spain yet, let alone getting ready to buy.

Army life has dictated our lives for so long and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Particularly since hubs suffered a serious back injury in Afghanistan and his treatment is ongoing. Until we have an outcome from his treatment and confirmation of his continuing career, we are more or less in limbo and quite limited as to what we can plan. But, it is because of this that we must begin planning at the same time. Such is army life, with an injury hanging over you or not.

Even if it’s just a holiday home to begin with, that’s fine. The knowledge will be there that we have the place to go to anytime we want and that one day we will live there. Hub’s injury has shown us that we have to start making plans and with the forces now becoming a less reliable career in the current climate, the future for anyone is uncertain. We have to be prepared in whatever way we can.

And so the time has come for us. We are becoming restless and discontented here and we really don’t want to get to a point where begin to resent being here. We have reached the time to take the next step and secure our future, for ourselves and the minnies.


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