Schools out for summer!

So, that is it for another year. Dinoboy has finished year one in primary school and there is now no more denying that he isn’t my baby anymore! Last year when he finished reception year I could still get away with it, not anymore. Off he went this morning in his jeans and dinosaur top (what else) for mufti day armed with homemade card and brownies for his teacher and somewhere along the line substtited it for the most enormous bag of sweets I have ever seen. Which, of course, he has squirreled them away in his room somewhere in preparation for his regular Friday dvd and treat night.

And so I am rather idealistically looking forward to long, hot days full of trips to the park, picnics by the lake, walks in the woods and other such scenarios. In reality it will probably be more rainy days, breaking up squabbling siblings, threatening to revoke privaileges and counting down to wine o’clock!

However, in between I am sure we will manage some lovely family moments and we have our holiday/house hunting trip to Spain to look forward to in a couple of weeks. After the year we’ve had (another story) we are all more than ready for a change of scenery.

Bring on the summer and new beginnings…….


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