A bit of an introduction.

Well hello there blogging world……This is something I have been toying with doing for sometime and I have finally bitten the bullet! You’ll have to excuse my lack of blogging know how, I am completely new to this and am just powered by my urge to get back to writing regularly again. I have always loved writing and since I had children haven’t had time to do much. Recently it’s been in the back of my mind that I want to take it up again and maybe eventually make some kind of career out of it. And what better to write about than what I know best…my life!

A bit about me…Before I married the army and had children I had a very successful career in childcare (a mix of nannying and nursery management) whilch I loved. However, when you marry a soldier you kind of have to accept that your career comes second to theirs if you want to make this life work. I know, some women out there will be saying “No way would I let that happen!” but the fact is, you can’t help who you fall in love with. And to be blunt, if you can’t make some sacrifices then army life isn’t for you. Personally, I love army life…most of the time!

I am also Mum to three (usually) beautiful minnies…Dinoboy (6), Miss Tinks (2) and Zoom (20 months). They tend to keep me busy most of the time and I love all things Mummy orientated. I am a stay at home Mum and very proud of that fact, I feel that being at home I am doing the best I can for my family- *that is not to say I don’t think working Mums are doing the right thing, you do whatever works for you and your family’s well being. Everyone is different!

My intentions for this blog are basically to share my thoughts, tips, stories on life as a forces family. It won’t be all forces related, but I will share some aspects of the lifestyle. I also plan to include anything and everything I feel like writing about at the time.

So hopefully you will enjoy reading about our trials and tribulations as much as I hope to enjoy writing about them……..


Comments make me happy! :)

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