Happy Days in May

A blogger that I follow has issued a challenge/ project for May that has got me quite excited about writing. So excited that I am starting right now instead of waiting for May!!

The idea is to write one sentence each day about the things that made you happy that day.  Anything at all. To basically remind you there is plenty to be thankful for and not to dwell on the other stuff.

I feel this has come at the perfect time for me. I want to write again and am trying to do as much as I can, but I’m not managing it everyday.  So I’m thinking this is the perfect opportunity to sit down and write a small amount everyday throughout the month to get me into the habit and routine of regular writing.

It’s also good for my peace of mind. My head isn’t in a great place lately. Although I have (almost) everything I want in life and many, many reasons to be happy. I just can’t stay happy for any length of time and I want to get out of this rut I have dug myself into. I want to be thankful for what I have and learn to appreciate and be happy about my life.  I think this project will help me to do so.  I am trying to sort my health out physically and I think this may be a boost to my mental well being. It will give me an incentive to write, which is something I so want to do, aswell as reminding me of what I have.

So I am going to attack this project with gusto! Here is to a brighter, happier me…

Day one

We had a lovely family walk with the dog after school, through the woods; it was so good to spend time doing something normal as a family and to see all of us really enjoy it.

Day two

We had a nice morning at the snug today, really beginning to feel part of the group there now, it’s so nice to see Zoom and Tinks making friends, quality time with the hubbster now while the minnies are in bed.

Day three

Some cake making with Tinks and a relaxed evening with the Mr watching Blue Bloods and it is now exactly one week until my 20 year wait to see my boy band is over- Oberhausen here come the girls, watch out NKOTB!

Day four

A lovely spur of the moment walk to the pub for dinner followed by a peaceful walk in the woods and some quiet me time and… six days until New Kids!

Day five

Date night- hubby and I make an effort to enjoy a nice meal together on a Saturday when the minnies are in bed, quality time and snuggling on the sofa with Saturday night TV- heaven!

Day six

A lovely walk around the tierpark, even if it was raining, family time- I have come to love Sundays in Germany nothing is open shop wise so families spend time together, such a lovely sentiment.

Day seven

A lovely afterschool walk in the woods with the minnies, calm homework and dinner time rather than the usual chaos and shouting, a meal with hubs and an early night…3 more sleeps until New Kids!

Day eight

Nice relaxing day at home with Tinks and Zoom, walk in the woods, preparing for a busy few days to come.

Day nine

Lovely to see my beautiful friend Dan at coffee morning today, she’s looking great; life in Spain is obviously suiting her.

Day ten

Without a doubt one of the best nights of my life! A lovely day shopping and dinner with the girls followed by the end of a very long 20 year wait to see NKOTB again and they were so worth the wait, absolutely amazing, loved every second and did not want it to end. And Back Street Boys weren’t bad either.

Day eleven

Loving the photos from the concert, some fantastic pics esp. of my Wahlberg, having a hard time getting back to reality- in a good way!

Day twelve

Had a nice pic nic with friends for Zoom’s little buddy’s 1st birthday, kids had a fab day with the bouncy castle and we enjoyed spending time with good friends.

Day thirteen

Baking, walk in the woods, family time, learning to appreciate what I have instead of concentrating on what I don’t.

Day fourteen

It’s Danny Wood’s birthday! J

Day fifteen

I confess I missed a few days last week and am filling in now (Monday 21), but I really can’t remember as far back as Tuesday. I do know that I was feeling pretty miserable last week and struggled to find much to be happy about at all until the lovely weekend we all spent together.

Day sixteen

Spent a nice morning in the snug, even if it was quite packed and hectic, followed by a quiet afternoon and a long walk in the woods.

Day seventeen

It’s Jordan Knight’s birthday! J

Day eighteen

Phil was off work for a long weekend today so we got the shopping done meaning we can spend all weekend having fun!

Day nineteen & Day twenty

Have had a really lovely weekend, went to the street fair in town and had lots of fun and delish food, spent some real quality time together as a family and the beautiful weather made it all the better, happy faces all round. J

Day twenty one

Had a nice quiet day at home to catch up on housework and playtime with the minnies after a busy weekend, a nice walk in the woods after school with the dog.

Day twenty two

Changed plans at the last minute from indoor play to a picnic in the sunshine at the park and a walk down a route we’ve never been before, resulted in the discovery of a little farm and some cute little pigs that made Tinks’s morning- she spent a good 10 minutes talking away to them.

Day twenty three

A very hot trip on the bus to the snug for coffee with the girls and playtime for the minnies, followed by a surprise early finish for Phil and a long evening walk in the woods- me time.

Day twenty four

Made the decision to make a visual board as in the book “You Sexy Mother” basically I collect pictures that I am drawn to in order to help me figure out what I want in all aspects of life and visualise and eventually make them happen.

Day twenty five

First family bbq of the summer was manic and at times chaotic, but enjoyable all the same, precious family time.

Day twenty six

Date night for hub and me, a lovely meal, drinks and an evening spent just talking on the blacony- heaven.

Day twenty seven

Discovered pintrest and decided to use it as my visual board, many, many possibilities with this and I am hooked, I love that I can collect visual records of anything that catches my eye- Spain, kids, life, ideas….

Day twenty eight

It has been brewing in my mind for some time  and I have finally taken the decision to get myself back- I have been Mummy for the last 6 years and although it is a huge part of me it isn’t everything, I am a woman and I have my own interests, I am bringing me back! J

Day twenty nine

I began writing! It will only happen bit by bit but I have more or less decided to write about my journey to get myself back, it may take time but I will do it somehow- I’m happy just to know I Have made a start!

Day thirty

Looking for a babysitter for the summer do has proven a challenge, but I finally found someone the minnies know and I trust rather than paying a professional, happy in the knowledge we can go out and enjoy ourselves knowing they are with a friend.

Day thirty one

Enjoyed a lovely walk in the rain through the woods tonight after being stuck indoors all day, I love my evening walks they give me time to reflect and I don’t have to think about anyone else for that entire time.

Well, I have reached the end of this project and what has it taught me…

I have definitely rediscovered my love of writing through this and although I didn’t find time everyday to do it, I did manage every couple of days.  It also helped me make the decision that writing is something I really do want to try and do more of and maybe, who knows, earn from. I know I have a book (or two, or three) in me.

I have many things to be thankful for and be happy about, however there are some changes that need to happen in my life. I certainly struggled on a few days to find something to write here and that is not a good thing. I need to concentrate on myself a little more and make time for me aswell as doing more fun stuff as a family and with the minnies. I found that making an effort to go out and do something  everyday gives me a much more positive outlook f or the day, no matter how rubbish I feel in the morning, making that effort pays off.

Towards the end of this project I picked up the book “You sexy Mother” again and am feeling empowered by it once more. This time I am going to make those changes work for me and will not be putting the book away again until I have what I need from it. For too long I have wallowed in self pity about being exhausted by motherhood, it’s time to turn it around and embrace what is actually a very precious gift!


Comments make me happy! :)

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