A long time coming!

Y’know that home in Spain we’ve been talking and dreaming and thinking and planning about since forever?

Well, see this?


That’s it! It’s really it! We finally did it! It’s ours!

Elf on the Shelf~day 4

The elves had some zip wire fun in the living room last night. The decapitation of the hubster as he came in from his pool match was narrowly avoided- well, he shouldn’t be so tall!


However, it’s not all fun and games. Serious business is afoot today as the Dandelions have been doing rather a lot of squabbling over the last few days. So, with the threat of “no school disco” hanging over their heads, Jingle and Jinx have decided to issue behaviour reports while they are at school today. Will they make the nice list?

To be continued…

The Great Dinosaur Race

On their third night in residence Jingle and Jinx decided it was time to meet the locals. And what better way to get everyone together than with a dinosaur race. They all seemed to get along pretty well. Sheriff Woody, of course, kept them all in line.


I’m not sure the dinosaurs were entirely happy with being used as race horses and I do anticipate some kind of retaliation on their part. This guy certainly doesn’t look happy…


Things did take a romantic turn at one point as Jingle noticed Fireman Sam in the crowd. Sam, admittedly, looks terrified, but you never know they might just hit it off.


Aside from the dinos, the elves seemed to make friends.  Fingers crossed their partying and games don’t upset anyone else.

Odd socks and a Scottish Snowman!

Despite putting up numerous decorations yesterday (in between a Toy Story fest with a questionably poorly Tinks) we never did get as far as the tree. I know, it’s the most important part and all that, but I like my tree to be touched by me alone, no little fingers involved. I do realise in many people’s eyes this makes me an abhorrently cruel Mother, my apologies, but I just cannot muster the mental strength it would take to allow the Dandelions to decorate MY tree- MINE I tell you!

So having left the tree corner bare (totally un-planned, obviously), last night Jingle and Jinx took matters into their own hands. They avoided the carnage that would have meant getting up in the loft to dig out our old tree. Instead they brought us a beautiful new one all the way from the North Pole, after their evening report back to “The Bearded One”. Funnily enough, I have always wanted a white Christmas tree- I wonder how they knew?

Their decorating skills however, leave a lot to be desired…

**Disclaimer** All underwear was freshly laundered, no noses came into contact with said underwear and both elves made it out alive.

It seems, however, that our little people were not entirely satisfied with last nights antics and I returned from the school run (looking rather worse for wear as the wind did it’s best to superglue my hair to my lip gloss) to find this…

I’m not entirely certain how we ended up with a Scottish snowman in the living room. I am at least, grateful that he isn’t wearing a kilt- that could have been complicated!

And now I am off to stock up on wine because this evening will be filled with scenes not unlike this;


as I painstakingly place every single bow and bauble in the perfect position, in order to gain the maximum level of “ooh” and “ahh” ratings when visitors flock throughout the festive season to gaze upon my work of art.


Elf on the Shelf!

For the first time this year we have actual elves staying with us. We usually have invisible ones that forget to make their presence known (bad Mum and Dad!), but this year we are embracing this Elf on the Shelf thing with gusto!

Jingles and Jinx crash landed while flying in on the Dandelion’s advent calendars late last night. While Jingles did her best to control Santa’s sleigh, Jinx could only be described as a joy rider on The Polar Express. They towed the gingerbread house precariously behind them and it lost a chimney along the way which had to be expertly glued back on by Mum (go me!).


Both Jingles and Jinx have promised not to cause any mischief, but I am not holding my breath…


Divine intervention #100WCGU



Julia’s prompt for this week’s 100 word challenge for grown ups is;

“…but shall we close the borders…”

The human race had imploded on itself. It had all become too much for the people to put right. Something had to be done. An intervention?

“But shall we close the borders instead? If we plant the idea in enough minds we can make it happen.” the angels begged. His answer was no, it had weighed heavily on His shoulders for some time now and He was beginning to realise that this was His mess and only one thing could solve it. Start again from scratch. He had done it before, now He must do it again.

“Let the rains begin.” He commanded.

100 word challenge “…the alarm went off at 6am…”

The alarm went off at 6am, Nyx opened one eye, turned it off and rolled over. Until the smell of cooking from downstairs made her sit bolt upright. She hadn’t set the alarm, today was a nothing day. So who was in her house? Nyx followed her nose downstairs and came to a sudden halt in the kitchen doorway.


“Morning sweetheart. Come, sit, tea in the pot and breakfast is almost ready.” Said the woman.

Nyx shook as she dropped into a chair, “But Mum….you’re…you’re dead. I mean, you…you…you died!”

“Ah, yes, well, about that…”

This is my entry into the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups over at Julia’s Place go and have a look at the other entries.

Home sweet home?


As I sip my tea and gaze out into the miserable, wet jungle that has become my garden since we went away, I decide that over a week later, my holiday hangover is most definitely not over. It is, infact, still very much in full swing. That groundhog day feeling of the school and work routine is about to begin again and I am truly not ready! The uniforms hang, ironed and named, in the wardrobes, the bags and pe kits are packed and ready to go and the calendar is full of all those oh so important dates, but I am not ready for the monotony to begin again.

I follow two raindrops as they race down the window pane and I realise, it’s not the routine that’s bothering me, it’s the place. As much as we have settled here and made friends and it’s nice to be near family, it just doesn’t feel permanent. It doesn’t feel like home! As soon as we cross that border into Spain from France, that’s when I feel like I am home. When I begin to see the road signs for La Safor, that’s when I feel like I am home. When I spy that huge black “toro” statue that sits on the side of the mountain near Gandia, that’s when I feel like I am home. I know that the school and work routine would be that much more bearable if I were living where I want to be living.

The rain begins to hammer against the window harder and I conclude that I do not actually have a holiday hangover, I am homesick!

A plan, of sorts…

I am so happy to finally be sitting down to write a post. It has been so long and I know I have been really bad at keeping this thing up to date since we got back to the UK. Things have begun to happen more slowly since we came back and it just made sense to wait until there was a decent amount to write about.

Anyway, I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter and that you have all eaten your body weight in chocolate and bought power tools you don’t need from the various DIY outlets. I still haven’t quite grasped that there are shops open on a Sunday, Germany left it ingrained into our heads that Sunday is not for shopping and I think that is something we will continue to carry with us.

So, the news… The hubster’s treatment has pretty much had to begin again, his scans are out of date and new ones need to be done. And now that we no longer have Headley Court to push things along it’s all taking that little bit longer. The good news is that he will finally be receiving the farcet joint injection that he has been waiting for since the beginning of 2013! It’s going to take a while before the appointment comes through, in true NHS style. Not that I am putting down our health service, absolutely not, it’s just a big change to go from things being done quickly to having to now wait months for appointments  to come through.  Especially since in the meantime the Hubster continues to suffer with incredible pain and is finding day to day life difficult. I  can’t say it’s been easy,  we have had some pretty low times over the last year since arriving back in the UK and sometimes the people you expect to at least try to understand are the ones who really don’t.

We have found that it has been difficult for some family members to grasp the implications of the Hubster’s injury and the impact it has on our lives. They don’t understand that he simply cannot do as much as he was once able and I have found myself biting my tongue on several occasions.

Workwise, the business that he and his friend set up has begun to take off and things are coming together for them, slowly but surely. And I am enjoying being back in the early years environment.

As for Spain (another sore point with some family members) we had originally planned to make the move at the beginning of this summer, but with the snail pace at which things are moving, we have had to put that off for a year. So the plan is now that we will move next June so that the children have the summer to settle and we can get them into a summer school programme to help them make friends and assist their language  skills, before starting school in September. While we aren’t exactly happy to put things off this way, it is the best move we can make since this way Hubs is going to get the treatment he needs before the big move.

In other news and to cut a long story short, my brother and I inherited our Grandparent’s house at the end of last year and after the emotion and hard work of clearing it out (my Nana was a hoarder to say the least) it has been sold. Leaving not only us, but my little bruv, his fiance and their baby bump in a pretty nice position. The main thing for us is that this now means we will be able to buy a house outright  once we move to Spain, a huge weight off our minds.

And I am writing! This is something that I am very excited about. Writing has always been my first love and my dream has been to do it for a living. Well I decided that it was time to get things moving, so the book status is now updated to “a work in progress ” and I am loving every second of it!

The Dandelions continue to thrive and I think that brings us up to date.

 So in the

words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that!”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

We have arrived at the last day of term. And after spending last night sobbing like a baby in a corner of the school hall as Miss Tinks played Mary in her very first school nativity (believe me, I was a wreck!), we awoke this morning to find there had been a visit from Jack Frost in the night (cue many questions about Jack Frost and how he leaves the frost, why he leaves the frost, who leaves the rain/sun/snow etc. Ever wish you’d never said anything?). One thing we all agreed on however, was that it is most definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Dec 2014 017

And these from my morning walk in the orchards with the hound.

Dec 2014 018 Dec 2014 020

I don’t know about you, but I like to turn the entire month into a sort of celebration, the anticipation and build up is almost better than the actual day for me. My parents did so much to make Christmas magical for my brother and I, so I intend to do the same for my children. The hubster takes a bit of convincing with the whole thing. If it were up to him it wouldn’t even be mentioned until Christmas Eve. He does get involved eventually, with the odd “Bah humbug!” thrown in here and there for good measure- just to remind us that he couldn’t possibly be enjoying it. Although, to be fair, once he is in the spirit he does pull out all the stops to keep them magic alive…


I have been getting the decorations out bit by bit throughout the month when the Dandelions are at school. I’m reminding them daily that we have an invisible elf watching over them, ready to report back to Santa and put them on the naughty or nice list. We’ve done the invisible elf for a few years now, never quite been organised enough to do the elf on the shelf thing- it looks like fun though, so maybe next year.

We are attempting to do at least one Christmas activity a day throughout the month. We’ve had letters to Santa, writing their Christmas cards, the village church Christmas market, Christmas light spotting, carol singing with their school friends, making bunting and lighting our advent candle daily…

001 002

We’ve made some cinnamon dough decorations for our tree and to give to Grandparents. They’re ready to go in the oven and dry out, then it will be time to go mad with the glitter and sparkle!


I’ve also had some fun putting together a few Christmas craft projects. Christmas pot pourri and cinnamon candles being just a couple. I love how the candle looks in the centre of the pot pourri and it smells wonderful!
Dec 2014 002 Dec 2014 003

And of course there is the great tree decorating ceremony!


The Dandelions will be finishing school in an hour and I have a Christmas movie night planned with snowman soup, popcorn and The Grinch. And I have just had the phonecall I have been waiting for…the hubster is “driving home for Christmas” as I type. Let the merriment commence!

Merry Christmas from The Dandelion Patch!


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